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Ema&Rae Silicone Divider Plate and Utensils Set is a silicone plate that features divided areas, as well as utensils for those learning to self-feed or more experienced eaters using utensils. The utensils are of an ideal length such that it would not cause you little one to choke. A mealtime essential for every family, our Silicone Divider Plate and Utensils Set serves to lessen the mess made by your little ones by preventing it from tipping over. Crafted out of quality soft and elastic silicone material which is BPA-free and FDA-approved. The cutlery set can be easily rinsed under water and also disherwasher and microsave safe.

Silicone Divider Plate and Utensils Set in Rose Pink

  • Dimensions: H 8.5cm/L 11.5cm